Imagine the bike of your dreams with every detail just as you imagined it.

At FRM we have always avoided standardization and although we are more than confident that our standard models have geometries that fit perfectly and fully deliver our racing spirit and elegance, we want to give our customers an additional service.

FRM Custom Lab gives you the possibility to completely customize your bike, with an infinite number of combinations that will satisfy every one of your requests. Our team of experts will be able to perfectly suggest the best products available on the market and help you in the perfect choice of components .
A unique service of its kind, for a bicycle that is even more unique.


Custom Lab

The project starts as soon as you decide on which model to work on, Our customer will always be at the center of every stage of work with continuous feedback on the processing steps.


Standard VS Tailor made geometry

At FRM you can choose 2 options:
The standard one, and the “tailor made” one where each element of the bicycle follows your specifications.

In the standard size, in addition to the stem length, handlebar width and crank length, you choose one of six available sizes. The entire production process is made by the same team and hands.

Tailor made geometries
A bicycle with completely tailor-made geometry that fits the athlete’s body perfectly.
You receive a form where your anthropometric measurements will be entered. (You will see that it is super easy!)

Having identified the key points we need we proceed to the next stage of fitting your bicycle.
This involves a follow-up interview with the client. It involves asking questions, but there are no wrong answers. What we try is to understand what kind of cyclist you are, what you want from your bicycle and what you don’t want. In what ways did previous bicycles fall short, or what features did you like. Although you may be a little unsure, that’s fine. Decades of building custom frames give us a good understanding of what features make the best bicycle for you.

Custom Paintwork

Painted and assembled by hand in Italy, one by one.

Painting and design
Choose your own style, add your own colors and personal touches
Our graphic designers will elaborate some renders for you, show it to your friends and give us your feedback, we will surely find the perfect design for your bike!

What makes FRM so special is the amount of effort and detail that goes into our finishing touches. We take great pride in the bikes we build
We are working with all RAL and Pantone colors available on the market, in gloss, matte and all possible shades of finish

FRM bicycles boast our logo proudly on the head tube…
why shouldn’t you have one of your own?
We have made bicycles with a thousand customizations, from your own team logo, to the color of your car, to your children’s initials, express yourself and make it exclusively yours

Components and assembly a la carte

At FRM we collaborate with the world’s leading component manufacturers, at this point the limit will only be your imagination.
The world of cycling is constantly changing, and you can find an infinity of combinations to make your ride even more specific.
A plethora of small artisans have entered the market who create components that are true delicatessens for every 2-wheel enthusiast, our team is always on the search for all these components that we call “exotic,” making your bike even more special and unique.

The downside

When one is about to and does decide to build a custom bicycle there is one factor that unfortunately does not accompany us, and that is time.
With the rising cost of raw materials and the very high demand that the post pandemic era has created, some components unfortunately have very long lead times, it will be our concern to advise you on this, in accordance with your desire to receive and ride your bike.
Our wait times can extend by many months, but that does not mean we have forgotten about you. As your bike takes shape, we will contact you to provide a finalization date and agree on the delivery details of your order.
We will also use this opportunity to update you if any of your chosen components are delayed.
Final Approval
After the Design Briefing, construction specifications are sent for final approval and signature, followed by a phone call the following week to make sure you are satisfied with every detail. Once approved, your FRM goes into production.

A unique service of its kind, for a bicycle that is even more unique.