The new FRM

30 years of passion, challenges and achievements

We face the future while remaining committed to the values that have accompanied us since our beginnings: innovation, quality, unicity.

For more than thirty years we have been producing high quality bikes and components for the whole world, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and the know-how of the best Italian craftsmen in the cycling industry.

FRM was established in 1991 thanks to the desire of its founder, Franco Ricci Mingani, to bring the culture of mountain biking to Italy.
We have been pioneers in our field thanks to the discovery and use of cutting edge materials and innovative technical solutions. Performance, lightweight and design have been always our trademark.

The successes achieved over the years have made FRM one of the most important and recognized high-end brands in the cycling industry.

The smile of some of the champions who have contributed with their successes to make frm greater in whole world. Thanks!!!