How an frm is born

No standardization, only passion, craftsmanship and innovation.

Meticulous research and development, completely “Made in Italy” production, use of the best materials on the market and a careful choice of collaborators, all enhanced by an insatiable creativity in pure Italian style!


We live on bikes

Our passion for the two wheels always takes us to the unknown. That’s where the best ideas for any new FRM products are created.



Technology, innovation and creativity. We work in collaboration with the best specialized engineers, but everyone is involved. Every product, every solution is the result of a strong teamwork.


Our craftsmen

Three words: Made in Italy. The production of all FRM’s products is handled exclusively by the most experienced and meticulous Italian craftsmen.


Attention to detail

What we like to call “our extra touch”. Every FRM bike is assembled and finished by hand, making each piece unique. Every detail is carefully crafted with the deep conviction that details can make the difference.


The best guarantee

Every FRM product is strictly tested in the laboratory and in the field, inspected according to the most rigorous European standards. Each bike carries its own certificate of authenticity.

Find the right bike for you

We’ll be there for any situation you face with your bike, wherever you are.